Foolproof Eyeliner by Katherine Cosmetics

Foolproof Eyeliner by Katherine Cosmetics

I promise you that I have never applied my eyeliner so easily. It just glides right on. And it stays there. No weird corner marks or raccoon eyes. I use the angled smudge brush that is on the other end of the pencil when I want to attempt cat eyes for something more dramatic at night. I also appreciate that a sharpener is not needed, you just twist the pencil if you are running low. Comes in black and brown (I have brown, although I am thinking about purchasing black for night-time looks). Price is $26 and the pencil is a good size. I have been using it for all my photo shoots and I don’t see changing this any time soon. It seriously has made me want to test out the rest of the line so stay tuned for my review on some other Katherine goodies. Bonus: products NOT tested on animals, AND ships very fast! Packaging gorgeous. 


Katherine Cosmetics


Park North Designs Nailed It.

Excuse the pun, but Park North Designs nailed it with their signature PND Nail necklace. Hanging delicately from a silver chain is a PND nail made of premium sterling silver and shaped like a horseshoe nail. Rachel, the owner of PND, was on a mission to create a piece of equestrian inspired jewelry that was both bold and wearable. I say she “nailed it” because to me, the necklace encompasses exactly what she wanted. The nail is bold, with sharp lines and a silent fierceness. However, the way it just perfectly drapes on your body, naturally finding the center of your chest, adds a touch of warmth, softness and versatility. I really think the PND necklace can be worn with any outfit, so that was my goal with all my pictures: to showcase the wearability. Each necklace comes with a polishing cloth and has two different chain lengths to choose from. I think I would even like to see it offered in the future on one chain that has two lengths on the single chain, because it is nice to have the option to go shorter/longer.  I am obsessed with gold jewelry, but I had NO problem incorporating this silver necklace into my daily looks.


Price: $116;  Buy HERE

Bonus: EVERY. PURCHASE. HELPS. A. HORSE. IN. NEED. 10% of every purchase goes directly to equine charities across the US. You can read her blog here to see what the current charity is, as they change throughout the year.

How ‘Bout Them Dapples

How ‘Bout Them Dapples

Leah Kaufmann is back!! Leah started Dapplebay Inc., an equestrian clothing and accessory line, in 2011. She sold DB in 2015, but you don’t really forget about your first love, do you?  As fate should have it, Leah had a chance to buy DB back and now she is holding the reins again, energized and more excited than ever to release new styles and designs, even a new logo. Leah hand draws all the designs herself and each item is made in the USA. We were able to get our hooves on a brand new item, and bonus for us, it is a something we wear non-stop as soon as the weather gets below 55 degrees! Wait for it, wait for it…Dapplebay Inc., Leggings!!!

There are many colors to choose from. Seriously, every color you could possibly need or want for a legging. I happen to have black, grey and purple. The leggings are covered in DB’s signature Eventing, Hunter/Jumper or Dressage designs.  The fit for me was spot on. I ordered a Small,  based on the size I wear in breeches and they fit me perfectly. I like the soft and relaxing feel to them, but they also feel more substantial than I anticipated. Sometimes I hear the word “legging” and I worry that the material will be too thin.  OH, I also LOVED where the waist band hit me. It was the perfect mid-rise without being “mom-ish”, but still offering great coverage in case you want to go eat tacos and 20 lbs of chips/queso dip after your workout or ride. 🙂 Everyone does that too, right??

I have worn these about 7 times so far, and rode in them once (perfect for a light hack, but note that they do not have knee patches and I rode in my halfchaps), and they have not stretched out or lost their shape. Color is still as vibrant too. For $48 each, you can’t beat it. If you are looking for a versatile equestrian closet staple that won’t break your wallet, what are you waiting for? Click HERE TO BUY !

Colors shown below: Black, Grey, Purple (Hunter/Jumper); Size SMALL. Price $48.

Dapplebay Inc., leggings
Dapplebay Inc., leggings
Dapplebay Inc., leggings
Dapplebay Inc., leggings



Bethany’s Equestrian Style

Bethany Lee is the founder and voice behind the hit blog, My Equestrian Style. She is in the top running for Style Editor for The Plaid Horse, so please be sure to vote for her if you can! A long time equestrian, Bethany has been riding since she was 5 years old, and currently shows as a professional in the hunter/jumper divisions in Jacksonville, FL. Her favorite thing about the sport is seeing how much a green prospect can change and develop in a short amount of time with consistent riding and proper training.  When asked about her personal goals for the remainder of the year she said she would love to be more consistent about hitting the gym, as she thinks it is the best way to get better at riding outside of being in the saddle. I was so excited to be able to chat with her about her personal style because I love her effortless look and casual vibe, and I think you all will too! Big thanks to Bethany for being Horse Glam’s first quickfire style interview!

Scarf from the Red Scarf Equestrian

HG: Must-have color for Fall?
Bethany: Rust and burgundy.

HG: Ruffles or pin-stripes?
Bethany: Both!

HG: Favorite color of Tailored Sportsman?
Bethany: I love that dark green with the vintage patches (Black Forest, I believe!).

HG: Big Christmas item on the wishlist this year?
Bethany: I got it early— my new CWD saddle 🙂

HG: Go-to hairstyle?
Bethany: I have so much hair and with the heat, I usually throw it in a top knot until it’s under a helmet!

HG: Beauty secret? (Mine is I wash my face every night no matter what!)
Bethany: Kleenex Cleansing Wipes right after I ride.

HG: Sun glasses or hat?
Bethany: Both.. have you seen my ginger skin?

HG: Lipstick or lipgloss?
Bethany: Lipstick.

HG: Black or navy?
Bethany: Black, but that was a really hard decision for me!

HG: Favorite Fall jacket?
Bethany: For fall, I’m more of a vest girl. I have a great Ellany Equestrian puffer vest with my monogram on the back of the neck. Its gorgeous!

HG: Off the shoulder or cut out sleeves?
Bethany: Off the shoulder, always.

Thanks Bethany!! xo Andrea + Chloe




Bre.Avery Inc.: Equestrian Chic

Bre.Avery Inc.: Equestrian Chic

I was so excited to receive my package from Bre.Avery Inc.  These silk scarves are not only beautiful, but embody the luxurious side of the equestrian lifestyle. The silk chiffon and charmeuse are soft and delicate, but the design images highlight the strength, and sometimes masculinity, of our sport. I love this juxtaposition that Bre.Avery has capitalized on because it is true life. Every day we experience the compassion and tenderness of these animals, but we also are not quick to forget their inherent power. The hand-drawn designs depict iconic equestrian looks: the Pelham bit, the impulsion of the show jumper, a fierce head-on look at a mounted competitor, and so forth.  There are ample colors and designs to choose from. I decided on black and white patterns and I wasn’t disappointed. Pricing is $140, but keep in mind these are pure silk and something that will last a lifetime. The classic images will never go out of style and the quality is top-notch. They would make a fabulous gift for the equestrian, or non-equestrian fashionista, in your life.

Bonus: Free ground shipping for US orders AND proceeds from each purchase get donated to animals in need.

To see other styles or to buy, follow this link!

Check back later for my Bre.Avery Inc. photo shoot. 🙂

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The Fall 2017 Breeches Search : GhoDho

One of my goals when I started Horse Glam was to post about equestrian items that were affordable…well more affordable, since is anything in the horse world really normally priced?! I have been looking for a new pair of breeches and found myself re-looking at a brand I first tried a few years ago, called GhoDho,  I was really surprised to see that the pricing is pretty much the same, under $150. For this sport, that really is considered “affordable”. I remember ordering this very breech and returning it because it was too small. They were sold out of every other size at the time.

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 2.21.35 PM

I can’t attest to durability since I never re-ordered but the quality seemed worth the money and I could tell it would have been a flattering fit. I thought about ordering the Luna Breech (since Vera was sold out) but chickened out because of the flashy knee-patches, although I do think they are sassy and fun.

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 2.30.48 PM

Like I said, it was surprising to see that after 3 years the pricing was pretty much the same, $135/$150. I figured they would have increased since the brand has really grown in its following. They still seem low in inventory – not many sizes remain in either of these breeches, which is sort of a bummer.  I think I am going to still keep looking for my next pair though. I like GhoDho a lot, but they are so distinct that I am not sure I could get away with wearing them as frequently as I want to wear the next pair I purchase. Anyone have any suggestions?