Dear Diary

An online diary of our Road (Back) To The InGate after a 4 year hiatus and two babies (of the 2-legged sort). Two perspectives, twice the fun.




Tryon Schooling Daze

I know my riding journal has been on hold but THIS RAINY WEATHER IS KILLING ME. It  ALWAYS rains before my lessons and then I can’t ride. However, I was able to take Chloe on a field trip to Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC) for a Saturday schooling...

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Chloe 1; Andrea 0.

PSA: the ground will be much harder each time you fall than it was the previous time. Despite the weather keeping me from lessoning for weeks, I was actually having a really enjoyable jumping lesson on Thursday. Chloe was definitely excitable but we pushed through it...

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Andrea: My Mane Problem

Okay, despite my best efforts of trying to ride every Tues/Thurs, and maybe once on the weekend, the weather (closed arena) + cancelled lessons is getting the best of me. Today was the first day I was able to really ride Chloe in the last 2 weeks!!! AAHH!! Luckily she...

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Guest Entry from Taylor (The East Coast Equestrian)

Where to Begin? You know, I need to be honest. I’ve tried to start writing this piece at least ten times. I guess I just never figured out where to begin. Do I dive into where it all started? The very first time I sat on a horse as a child and fell madly in love with...

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Chloe: Is 2018 over yet?

I am so hung over from New Year’s. Like I would have tolerated her loud hands under any other circumstances? Doesn’t she know me? Winter is coming.

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Andrea: First (fantastic) lesson of 2018!

I almost had to cancel my first lesson of 2018. I couldn’t believe it! Especially since I had just posted my first diary entry about crushing 2018! How embarrassing to have to tell you guys that I had to postpone my first ride of the year! I woke up and even...

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Chloe: What has she done?

First of all, who does she think she is thinking I am going to cart her around at a horse show? All of the sudden now she wants to ride me? Not that I really ever wanted to be ridden but I do like eating treats, which unfortunately tends to follow riding. So now she...

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Andrea: What have I done?

In November 2017 I made a public promise that not only would I start to ride (for real) again, but that I would also commit to going to a horseshow in mid 2018. The problem is that people were actually listening (whattt?) and since then I have gotten many questions...

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