What to wear

In case you all missed it, I had the honor of being the first guest blogger for the amazing photographer, Karinda K’s, weekly blog articles on “what to wear”. The blog discussed the very scientific method of how I put my outfits together. For more details, you can find the entire post HERE. Pictures and direct links to items are pasted below. 🙂

White and Red Look of the Day Photo Collage.png

White and Red Look of the Day Photo Collage-2.png

White and Red Look of the Day Photo Collage-3.png

MaKeBe “Jessie” Bomber – Dark Green
LeFash “Gotham City” Breech – Black/Tan
J.Crew Factory “Ruffle-Front Plaid” Shirt
Express Zip Front Tank
AtelierCG “FJORD” Necklace
Vince “Blair 5” Fashion Sneaker

Half Broke Horses: A Book Review

You may be familiar with the author, Jeannette Walls, from her break-through memoir, A Glass Castle, which was actually made into a movie this year. In Half Broke Horses, Jeannette once again delves into her family’s (not too pleasant) history, and follows the remarkable life of her maternal grandmother, Lily Smith. Remarkable is an easy, cheap word to throw out, but in all seriousness Lily was freakishly remarkable. I am always intrigued by people who start out with absolutely nothing but somehow beat the odds and “make it big”. Lily Smith started with very little and in all honesty, has very little the entire novel, but the book is never about her “making it big”. Instead, it is about her doing something most of us take for granted…surviving. The book starts off with a scene that sets the tone for what a survivor this woman truly is. In the opening scene, Lily is just 10 years old and I remember thinking, this single event would have probably wiped out most of the people I know and yet this 10-year-old had the quick wits and the unyielding grit to not only survive, but to save her two younger siblings in the process.


You will really enjoy this book if you like true life memoirs about overcoming odds and not letting life kick when you are down. I was very transfixed with Lily’s life, and all the tragedies and devastating setbacks that she encountered, but it was also interesting to learn more about The Great Depression and parts of the country that I haven’t previously put much research or thought into. I found myself pretty inspired and, at the same time, embarrassed for complaining about trivial things in my own life. I definitely thought twice about all the simple things I take for granted.

Rating: 4.25 stars.  Scale: 0 being any law school book I ever had and 5 stars being Gone With The Wind.


The Fall 2017 Breeches Search : GhoDho

One of my goals when I started Horse Glam was to post about equestrian items that were affordable…well more affordable, since is anything in the horse world really normally priced?! I have been looking for a new pair of breeches and found myself re-looking at a brand I first tried a few years ago, called GhoDho,  I was really surprised to see that the pricing is pretty much the same, under $150. For this sport, that really is considered “affordable”. I remember ordering this very breech and returning it because it was too small. They were sold out of every other size at the time.

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 2.21.35 PM

I can’t attest to durability since I never re-ordered but the quality seemed worth the money and I could tell it would have been a flattering fit. I thought about ordering the Luna Breech (since Vera was sold out) but chickened out because of the flashy knee-patches, although I do think they are sassy and fun.

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 2.30.48 PM

Like I said, it was surprising to see that after 3 years the pricing was pretty much the same, $135/$150. I figured they would have increased since the brand has really grown in its following. They still seem low in inventory – not many sizes remain in either of these breeches, which is sort of a bummer.  I think I am going to still keep looking for my next pair though. I like GhoDho a lot, but they are so distinct that I am not sure I could get away with wearing them as frequently as I want to wear the next pair I purchase. Anyone have any suggestions?



If Wishes Were Horses

Disclaimer: I can read anything. I think there have only been two books in my life that I was unable to finish. In other words, I do not present myself as a tough literary critic. However, I do like books and I do like horses, so if I see a book that looks halfway interesting that has the word “horse” in the title, then I am probably purchasing it. If it has an actual horse depicted on the cover, then I buy it without reading the title :).

I recently purchased “If Wishes Were Horses”, by Robert Barclay for a few reasons. One,  it had a horse on the cover. Two, it is his first novel, and I always enjoy reading a first novel. Something about it seems more genuine to me, as if it is before the writer gets molded into a certain genre with certain obvious expectations. Third, Barclay was compared to Nicholas Sparks and sometimes you just want a good old-fashioned Nick Sparks cry. Actually you never really want that, but I always get sucked in regardless. Lastly, and maybe most on point for some of us, it was very cheap on Amazon (Kindle). There aren’t many things that I can purchase for under $5 that will amuse me for a few hours.

Rating: 3.25 stars.  Scale: 0 being any law school book I ever had and 5 stars being Gone With The Wind.

The Good:
Millionaire, handsome, rugged, animal lover, loyal, romantic guy that is getting over a tragedy? CHECK.
Pretty, but not too annoyingly pretty, down-to-earth, funny, charming woman who is looking for love? CHECK.
Beautiful, picturesque setting that has horses front and center without making you roll your eyes too many times at some ill-worded equestrian lingo?(okay, I did cringe a few times like when barrel racing was mastered in 2 months.) CHECK.
A great shout-out to equine therapy programs and how our beloved horses have the power to heal kids and adults emotionally and physically? CHECK.
A good mixture of loss, heartbreak, death, passion, love, second chances, and new life? CHECK.

The Bad:  I love the lead couple but it is hard to ignore how contrived their set-up was. I think the chances of it happening, even in such a small town, is quite low. However, chances are you won’t have too much trouble foregoing logic since after all, I did warn you this was Nicholas Sparks-like, so you must be able to play along easily. My only other complaint, if you will, would be that the actual romantic scenes could have had a little more spice if ya know what I mean.

Favorite character: Ram, the ornery patriarch of the family, who is so likable I find myself still remembering him clearly and smiling. I sort of miss him.

Verdict: It is worth the price for sure, is an easy read and won’t keep you up all night, either “reading just one more chapter” or “thinking about stuff”. If you are looking for a book to chill out with for 30 minutes before you go to bed, this wouldn’t be a bad choice. It would be easy to read simultaneously with another book, for those that are into that sort of thing.




Horse Glam Equestrian FIT Challenge

I have consumed literally 500 lbs of freaking Reese’s peanut butter pumpkins and it is only September! I need help!! For this reason, coupled with the facts that I am super out of shape, so tired all the time, and am a walking carb, I wanted to host a 31 day fitness challenge. This #horseglamequestrianfitchallenge is modeled off those popular social media memes, usually named “Beach Body ready” or “Perfect Abs”, with each day having a different exercise that gradually increases in difficulty. This particular workout is geared to equestrians, so it focuses on core strength and leg strength, and by the end of the 31 days we all will be fitter and stronger to do what we like to do best: RIDE! I asked my friend Dana, at EqStyleTheory to put together the exercises as she is getting degrees in numerous areas related to exercise and is way more knowledgable and healthy than I am (remember the Reese’s addiction? LOL).  She did a great job of starting out slowly, so that those of us like me, who haven’t worked out in 100 years, won’t over do it. The idea is to complete all 31 days and not quit!! The workouts get harder so stay with it!! Use the hashtag #horseglamequestrianfitchallenge to post pictures/videos and meet others doing the workout! We can get through it together!! 🙂 Plus, one super-duper lucky person will get some Horse Glam swag at the end!! Additionally, I would like to thank all the amazing small brands that have sponsored an exercise day. They didn’t hesitate to say “yes” and I am so thankful for their support. As Taylor at The East Coast Equestrian has said, we are all stronger together! Now, let’s kick some butt and get fitter!

Keep checking back to get instructional videos on how to properly do the exercises, inspirational messages and/or laugh at me doing the workouts. See the workout calendar (starts Oct 1!!!) and all the amazing brands participating below!!