I am on probiotics. Should my horse be too?

PC Bailey Williams Photography

I have been taking probiotics on and off for the last few years, but in all honesty I am not even really sure what they are. Well, at least I wasn’t informed until Chloe was sent her own bottle of probiotics to try. Since it makes complete sense that I would research something I was going to give Chloe and NOT myself, I now know more about probiotics than I probably need to!

What are probiotics? Probiotics are a combination of “good”, live bacteria and yeast that naturally exist in our bodies. Yes, you read that right: bacteria. Especially in today’s current climate, bacteria gets a bad wrap, but the truth is we need “good” bacteria to help fight off the “bad” bacteria, and to keep our bodies healthy and working properly. Good bacteria can not only keep you from getting sick and build up your immune system, but it can also help your body digest food, create a healthier gut, and help you better absorb other medications.

What is MitoHorse? MitoHorse is a premium plant-based probiotic that is made of both yeast (Saccharomyces boulardii) and LIVE bacteria (Pediococcus acidilactici). Key fact: Mitohorse is the only known available plant-based probiotic available in the equine industry. This matters because not only is a plant-based product more environmentally stable than a milk-based product, for example, but plants are way more natural for our grass-eating horses to digest. In a recent USDA study, the particular strain of bacteria used by MitoHorse was scientifically shown to stimulate immune response and eliminate parasites. Unlike synthetic chemicals there are no reports or studies that show side effects or over dose toxicity with probiotics.

PC Bailey Williams Photography

Can probiotics hurt my horse? This was actually the first thing I asked. Unlike synthetic chemicals, there are no reports or studies that show negative side effects with probiotics. There also have been no over-dose toxicity reports. Given this information, I felt like there was definitely no harm in trying MitoHorse in Chloe’s diet.

How do I give the probiotics? MitoHorse is currently only in a capsule form. This makes the shelf-life longer as it protects the ingredients from air exposure. Key fact: Probiotics need to be live to work, and the capsule form keeps the “good” bacteria live until it reaches the gut. Other versions are only “live” until the package is opened The result is a much less effective product. Using capsules also means that the dose is consistent and accurate, unlike scooping traditional supplements out of a bigger container where you run the risk of lazy scooping (I am guilty of this!). MitoHorse Dosage: 1 capsule per 200lbs. I will not tell you how much I give Chloe because a lady never divulges her weight :). Luckily Chloe had no problem eating the pills that I loosely distributed into her grain, along with her other supplements. Looking for the perfect probiotic to use on the go? Check out these freeze dried probiotics from Proper Pastures. I can’t wait to use them at weekend shows.

Three weeks later: Chloe has been taking MitoHorse for about three weeks now. Around the same time she began taking medicine for her recently diagnosed Cushings Disease, so I cannot attribute her improved energy and overall state solely to the MitoHorse. It is important to note that the treatment for Cushings Disease can have harsh side effects, but luckily Chloe hasn’t shown signs of any of these. However, MitoHorse has been clinically proven to alleviate side effects to such prescription medicines, as well as help in their absorption, so it is very plausible that MitoHorse has played a key role in Chloe’s success on her Cushings medicine. While I won’t ever be able to prove that it is MitoHorse probiotics that are helping Chloe feel more comfortable, I can safely say they are only helping her live her best life.

If you want to learn more about MitoHorse click this link. To receive 15% off any MitoHorse purchase use discount code horseglam21.

RingSide Pro

Setting up your RingSide Pro account. I have 4,578 videos on my iPhone. Most are probably of Chloe, Hamster and my two young children (in that order!). RingSide Pro is a new equestrian tech company that among other things, helps you itemize your riding goals and arranges a storage system for all of your horsey videos. Not only does this free up some GB’s on your phone, but it also helps you track your progress and continue to reassess your riding or training goals. It is very simple to set up your account and get started. Simply click HERE and start filling out your information. I found the “About Me” profile helpful because it provides a space for you to verbalize your riding objectives, and on the flip side, makes you think of your limitations. For me, I need to push myself more to jump Hamster at home. I get stuck worrying about what could go wrong – I could fall off or I could ruin Jackie’s prize baby green possession – you know the usual amateur concerns! After you are done with your account profile, you are ready to add your videos. To add your videos, go to “Video Library” and add a video. It lets you rename the video once you add it, helping to keep your courses organized. Now you have all of your horsey videos in once place, making it super easy to track your progress.

Virtual Clinics for as little as $18. RingSide Pro has partnered with USEF licensed Hunter/Jumper/Equitation clinicians to provide feedback on videos you submit from your account’s archive. With Coronavirus cancelling many of our equestrian events, as well as the obvious geographic and financial constraints of attending live clinics, this unique virtual space gives you access to clinicians that you might otherwise never have access to. And it’s so easy to use, especially since you already have the videos in your account. You simply go to your dashboard, select which video you want to submit, provide any description you want to accompany the video, and then select the judge or judges you want to receive feedback from. Prices are currently $18 to $25. Videos can be from a cell phone, shot at home or at a show and should be the length of a course, or under 3 minutes long.

Detailed clinician responses within approximately 7 days. Since all of my personal videos riding Hamster consist of a maximum of 5 consecutive jumps (and then me celebrating), I did not have a full course-long video of myself that I could send. However, I did use one from Hamster’s last show with Jackie. The videos do not have to be professional-grade. Like most barns, we can usually count on a member of our barn family to be videoing rounds at the show, making it relatively easy to come up with material if you are an avid horse shower (which I am not). I decided to submit Hamster’s handy round from his Green Hunter division. It was Hamster’s second time in the show ring since March, a note I included in my submission description.

This is the video submitted. Underneath is the description I submitted with the video, giving the clinician some background on Hamster.

This video is of a horse I ride and love, Hamster. He is 6 years old and has really only been showing for a little over a year. He is being ridden by my trainer and his owner, Jackie Howard, in the First Year Greens at Tryon International, in one of his first shows back to the show ring since Covid put a hold on the season. Jackie and I ride him at home together, but I am too much of a wimp to show him. He has all the talent in the world, but little motivation – she does a great job of masking it, but getting him to move is challenging! This video doesn’t show it due to the location of the camera, but he jumps huge and round over the fences. He is just getting consistent (with no drama) about his changes. This was one of his first handy classes ever, so the trot jump really threw him for a loop! You can tell he thought he was finished and was already looking at me at the ingate for his peppermint… 🙂

Within 7 days, I got the following feedback from Winn Alden, a Hunter R and Hunter/Jumper Seat Equitation R judge. The feedback was split into 4 categories: technical, stylistic, turnout and other.

Technical Feedback. He looks like a very sweet horse and quiet. He does want to jump well and yes, just green at the trot jump. For this round, I would just suggest slowing it all down a bit. He looks like you have to keep him going and again just green, but I’d suggest just a tiny bit slower. Keep the impulsion but slow it all down just the tiniest bit at the jump to allow him to jump a little slower. Like the oxer just before the trot jump is lovely. If you take away the trot jump, it’s quite a nice round. I would suggest doing a lot of trotting jumps; this will not only help the trot jump in handy but also get him to use his hind end more over all the jumps as he wants to suck his hind end in over the jump just slightly rather than it following through. I would say you are right on that he has a lot of talent and needs a little work ethic and continue to smooth out the changes. If possible, a lot of riding out in big open spaces and anywhere with hills going forward and coming back will get him stronger and also keep him interested in his job. He doesn’t seem to spook at jumps so he probably doesn’t need to do a lot of courses but lots of riding outside ring and then gymnastics. Doing a lot of counter canter and simple changes through the walk will improve the lead changes as well.

Style Feedback. He does have a nice jump. Like I said earlier, doing a lot of trot jumps will teach him to push off behind and follow through, landing and staying in 2 point so he moves away from the jump. Also a landing rail 10’ from the back side of vertical is a good idea to encourage him to center his arc and land with a stretch with head and neck (fluidly get away from the jump).

Turnout Feedback. The horse and rider are beautifully turned out for this horse show. He looks happy and healthy and just continue building his muscle with flat work including many and constant transitions in various arenas.

Other Feedback. Remember that courses are just an extension of flat work with obstacles along the way so having him carrying himself and looking for the next jump is the key. If he does courses over and over, he will get bored; so change it up a lot. Like I said, he doesn’t appear spooky at the jumps so you don’t want to jump too much but do different things. You can make a circle of 4 jumps at 12,3,6,9 and canter several times around those 4 jumps in a two point each direction will get him looking to next jump while staying out on the bend – you can start with poles while your trainer does actual jumps or cavalettis. Don’t be afraid to jump him yourself, he looks quite kind and while your trainer is there to continue his education, he can learn to have a little self preservation while you practice some courses on him. The jumps can stay low. Your trainer will have him set up to do the bigger jumps as you go while you and he learn each other over the smaller ones.

Wow, there is really so much great things to process there, with the exception of Ms. Alden telling me that I need to trust myself to do more jumping on Hamster :). I love the fantastic reminder that course work is not the end all. Flatwork is so important and the good news is, that is something that I can help Jackie with. We definitely plan to start doing more simple exercises and gymnastics, as we do not want him to get bored with his job. We have a lot of green space at our barn, so I want to get back into the habit of one day a week doing work outside of the arena, as Ms. Alden suggests. The circle exercise example was really helpful. I love the idea of providing obstacles for him to be searching for next, helping him to learn to carry himself a bit more.

Jackie and I were really happy with the critique. We are obsessed with Hamster and basically dote over him all day long, so it was so nice to have a fresh set of eyes on him. I think we are both excited to get back to work, using all of Ms. Alden’s suggestions and tips. And maybe I will be in the saddle for the next video. 🙂

Get Stacked by Caracol

Shakespearean Quote Bracelet by Caracol

Real talk right here. Sometimes when I am shopping I get overwhelmed by the number of choices and then choose… nothing. When I first saw the Caracol website, specifically the “Equestrian” section, I had no idea where to start my selection. There was just so many beautiful jewelry items- rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces. Sterling silver, gold, leather. Where do I start?! In fact, I ended up just telling them to choose for me! When the “Horse Glam Stack” arrived and I put the 3 bracelets on my arm, I have never been so pleasantly surprised!

The first bracelet I unwrapped was the Shakespearean Quote bracelet. Stamped on the sterling silver cuff is the famous quote from the play Hamlet, “Above all else: To thine own self be true…” I cannot tell you what perfect timing it was to see those words. I love when I look down and see that quote. It really encompasses what I believe (and what I am always preaching to my friends). YOU deserve to be happy and the only one that can guaranty this happiness is YOU. Stay true to yourself, and the rest will fall into place how it should. I like pairing this bracelet with others, especially something chunky! The cuff design allows you to easily tighten or loosen the bracelet around your wrist. (Great for stick arms like mine!)

The Equus Hook bracelet is probably my favorite. The half bit detail is undeniably equestrian, but to the mainstream world it just looks like a hook closure. I love the size…it is substantial but does not overwhelm my small wrists. It looks great alone and even better stacked. Most important is that it is comfortable, so you can do anything while wearing it (including riding). It comes in multiple sizes which guarantees you the perfect close fit. Mine is sterling silver, but there is a version with 18k gold accents here.

Last but not least is the sterling silver Hook Loop Bangle bracelet. This bracelet is a bit more narrow than the Equus Hook described above and looks great stacked with your other favorite pieces. It also comes in 3 sizes for a perfect fit.

Hook Loop Bracelet by Caracol

I should point out that you do not have to buy these beauties as a stack, but it would be cheaper than buying them individually. By scrolling down the page linked above, you can see individual links for each bracelet. Use discount HORSE GLAM for 15% off! Be sure to browse the Caracol website. You will see lots of other jewelry options, as well as a wide range of apparel and accessories. Happy shopping!

myMareCo just got cooler.

Quick Dry Hat in Black

I know some of you smarty pants are already keeping your heads cool while riding thanks to myMareCo’s moisture wicking headbands. If you don’t know, now you know (click here). Now hook yourself up pre and post rides with myMareCo’s newest product launch: the quick dry baseball hat. Made out of polyester microfiber, with a fully mesh lined interior that helps circulate air flow and allows your head to “breathe”, this hat will dry quickly, rain or sweat. This is perfect timing for the still hot September weeks ahead, as well as the daily thunderstorms that inevitably accompany those hot days. Another feature that deserves a mention is how easily the hats can fold up for storage in your handbag or tack trunk. This also means there is zero extra bulk, giving your head a more streamlined look. I have a hat in my aforementioned tack trunk at the barn and one folded up in the interior door of my car. I try try try to keep my face out of the sun and this way, I have no excuses.

Currently comes in two colors: black and grey. The hats are low profile and adjustable but they also come in two sizes for a more custom looking fit.

Priced right now at $15.99, you can buy yours HERE!

Of Sky and Sea

You might remember myMareCo from the previous blog posts I have written on their moisture wicking headbands. Recently, they have expanded their product line to include equestrian inspired silk scarves. I received a beautiful cream colored scarf with grays and light blue that features an original equestrian painting by artist, Anna Noelle Rockwell. The scarf, titled, “Of Sky and Sea” is made of 100% chiffon silk and feels as soft as it sounds. It is a 35″ x 35″ square, giving it more versatility in terms of ways to wear it. Tied smartly in a knot or draped casually over shoulders, silk scarves have a unique way of upgrading any outfit. Priced at $150 it is a reasonable investment, but it will be a classic mainstay of wearable art in your closet for years (possibly generations) to come. Pro tip: To get rid of any creases, I use a hand steamer. Don’t have a steamer? Hang it near your shower! The material is so fine, the creases will fall out.

Get to know Georgian Dollar

Amanda Dowie is a life-long, avid equestrian. She lives in the UK and owns four horses. I think it is safe to assume that if you own and ride four horses you need all that saddle time to be as comfortable as possible. In 2018, Amanda launched her brand, Georgian Dollar, named after her daughter’s pony. Her dream was to design equestrian jeans that are stylish, comfortable and technically functional. I’d say mission accomplished.

The Sieta Equestrian Jeans are noticeably soft. The denim is so inviting that I wondered if it would be durable. I received my pair in November and so far, so good!. The second thing your eye will be drawn to is the black Lycra that starts at the ankle and travels up the front of the shins. At first I thought this was random but the Lycra material (instead of denim) helps streamline the leg and prevent bulk under your tall boots or chaps. Note that the back of the leg does not have Lycra. The Sieta has sillicone grip patches around the inner thigh/seat area that are small and blue in color, blending into the denim well. I also really liked that there are pockets in the back. I always think back pockets are flattering on breeches, helping them bridge the gap to street style, and also, let’s face it, it’s a nice place to put your phone when you are not riding!

I own two other pairs of denim breeches and I will say these feel the most like my favorite pair of mainstream jeans, which is what I imagine Amanda was really striving for. Today, so many of us find ourselves wearing our riding breeches for hours after we have been at the barn (running errands, picking up the kids, cooking dinner) and so it is really appreciated when your comfort doesn’t require you changing your outfit immediately. My only other comment would pertain to the unique button flap. It caused me to double check my zipper on occasion.

Georgian Dollar also has a white denim breech called the Regalita for sale, which I think would be a nice addition to a Spring/Summer equestrian wardrobe. The Georgian Dollar jeans can be thrown into the wash with your other clothes, so don’t be afraid to try white. Note: I like to hang dry mine and then put into the dryer for a few minutes.

Be sure to follow Georgian Dollar on Instagram so you can keep up with their growing brand!

Getting My Eq Right

What if I told you that with just one ride you could improve your equitation? EQright help with just this through the use of real time equitation feedback. It’s as simple as clipping the EQright device onto the brim of your riding helmet. This lightweight device is discreet and securely stays well out of your eyesight. In fact, sometimes I forget it is there. Well, until I feel a soft vibrate of course. The EQright vibrates and buzzes when it detects your helmet alignment moving too far south…aka you are looking down at the jump or you are leaning forward. I get buzzed in my canter departures when I am legging on a lazy 5 yr old. EQright has reminded me to not forego my equitation in the transition, but to stay balanced and not round my shoulders.

Think about it, when your head tips downward (usually, in my case, following the eyes), it causes your entire body to move forward and out of proper positioning. The simple and quick vibrate from EQright keeps you from looking down, stops you from rounding the shoulders, aids in proper body alignment and overall balance, and stops you from leaning forward. In other words, you get your equitation right.

Lessons with a professional trainer are without question the best training tool, but of course it is not something you can afford to do every ride. When you ride solo often (me), the EQright is such a great device to have handy. The immediate feedback helps you break bad habits as they are occurring. I have noticed that when I am using EQright, I try harder, which means my rides are more effective for both myself and the horse. I love to see how long I can go without a buzz. Some days are better than others! A junior rider at my barn likes to use EQright during her lessons – two trainers for the price of one!

Using the device is pretty easy. Like I said, you slip it onto the brim of your helmet, with the display pointed down so you can easily reach it while your helmet is on. Once mounted, turn the device on and begin calibration. To calibrate, move your head to the desired chin positioning. Now purposely drop your chin below this imaginary line and hold the large green button. You are now ready to ride. If your chin drops to, or below, this level you will get a notification vibration until you readjust your head to the correct level!

A few things you should know. You can mute the device when you are not mounted. I didn’t realize this at first but it is handy to know, otherwise you will get buzzed putting on your spurs or fishing a peppermint out of your trunk (true stories). You can select the vibration strength to low or high. I have it on low and have no problem knowing when it is alerting me. I also have never had a horse react to it, although the directions do suggest that on the first use to let the horse hear it a few times before mounting.

As mentioned earlier, I like to see how long I can go each ride without getting alerted. As I improve my time, I can actually make the “game” more difficult. The “time adjust” button on the device allows you to select how many seconds (2, 4 or 6) pass before you are alerted that your chin has dropped below the calibrated level. When I can go an entire ride without a vibrate on the 2 second time adjust I will let you know!

Learn more about EQright and how easy it is to improve your overall riding by clicking HERE. It is available NOW for PREORDER!! Use code Horseglam for free shipping!!! Be sure to follow EQright on Instagram!

Back with Dapplebay

Dapplebay has updated their lifestyle collection with new Fall inspired pieces. I was lucky enough to get my hands on some of the everyday horse girl pieces and wanted to share them with you. Use code HORSEGLAM10 to get 10% off your purchase for a limited time this holiday season. 

When the cropped trend began, I thought it was cute but I really didn’t anticipate wearing the look as much as I have been. It is pretty hard to ignore how comfortable these hoodies are though. They are lined with fleece and the dropped shoulder with longer sleeves feels like you are snuggled in a blanket. The raw hemline makes it seem like you aren’t trying, a facade that I dig.  The flowy, cropped t-shirt material is just as comfy – it feels like satin against your skin. I loved the color of this one pictured!

The “Dream Chaser” t-shirt is one of my fall favorites as I cannot have too many long sleeves this time of year. The fit is tailored so it is easy to wear alone or underneath something else, like the cropped sweatshirt. I am a firm believer in layering when the temperatures drop! I also appreciate that the design is on the back. It’s more subtle. Sometimes I feel like big designs on the front of a shirt can be obnoxious.

The bomber jacket was really popular on my Instagram feed. The fit is more of a boyfriend style, which is perfect for equestrian needs as it fits easily over your clothes to keep you warm while at the barn. Ribbed sleeves, waistband and crewneck areas finish the look.

Visit DappleBay to see more of these looks Don’t forget the HORSEGLAM10 code!

All pictures by Shannen Smyth. 🙂


Before I became familiar with the brand IBKUL, it never dawned on me to wear sun shirts in any other facet of my life other than horse back riding. Spending time at the barn generally always means time in the sun, so I try to keep my neck and arms covered as much as possible by wearing sun shirts. When I step outside my equestrian bubble, it is pretty clear how versatile the IBKUL sun shirts really are. Golf, tennis, running and even relaxing pool-side are all activities that could benefit from IBKUL. The shirts are made with Icefill fabric technology that converts your sweat into cooling energy to help keep you cool, even when the temperatures outside are anything but. The long sleeve shirts have mesh underneath for optimum ventilation, something I always appreciate in the middle of the summer. Also important is that the fabric is UPF50+, which offers superior sun protection for your skin.

The first thing I noticed about IBKUL was the vast amount of colors and patterns to choose from. If you like color and patterns then this is your place! IBKUL is not foremost an equestrian brand, but they definitely had us equestrians on their mind with the introduction of the Promenade “Bitty” Top. This same pattern comes in a short sleeve option, as well as 2 other colors (navy/pink and orange). I am wearing the black/red color option, which features interwoven gold bits and curb chains. When zipped, the half zip mock neck gives it a polished look, perfect for a riding lesson. Unzipped makes for a more casual feel. I paired this long sleeve sun shirt with black breeches and vintage tan knee patches.

Also pictured is the Short Sleeve Zip Mock Neck in solid Navy. This style comes in numerous other colors, from Black to Seafoam. Like the long sleeve sun shirt, the shirt sleeve has built in moisture-wicking and anti-microbial properties, making it an ideal choice for any outdoor athleisure activity. One of the reviews mentioned they wore theirs frequently for gardening! I paired mine with rust colored breeches.

Be sure to visit the IBKUL website to see all of the many color choices and detailed patterns they offer. I often times get questions from Instagram followers asking for help with matching their breeches and “what color would I wear with this”. IBKUL would be a great place to start when looking for pattern ideas!

New Color Drop from myMareCo

You might recall my post a few months ago about a company called myMareCo. myMareCo sells sweat wicking headbands that fit over your hairnet and under your helmet, designed to keep the sweat out of your eyes. They quickly became a barn favorite! For a quick refresh on this new company and to read my review of their headbands, follow the link HERE.

The initial launch of myMareCo came with 6 colors of headbands in varying solid and patterned colors. Since it was during the spring/summer, some of the colors were bright and cheery, like hot pink and a marbled purple. After a successful product launch, myMareCo is back with new color designs to choose from. Colors in this grouping range from warm solids to conservative patterns. I am more of a solid color kind of girl, but I do love the neutral undertones in the patterns. The hunter green solid is also one of my all time favorites. I think it really compliments both Chloe and Hamster!

It’s important to note that nothing about the size or fit has changed and the headbands can still be used for any athletic activity. You can also still purchase the original colors as well.

All headbands available now at myMareCo. Shop NOW!


Original Sun Hats for An Original You.

Custom RIATA

I had the most fun working with Jill Slater, the creative genius behind RIATA. Somehow I spent the last 5 years without a RIATA, but luckily, through Instagram referrals, Jill came to my rescue. For those that do not yet know, a RIATA is a custom straw hat, made of vintage and designer fabrics, and hand-crafted by Jill. I am fancy, so I adorned both my RIATAS with embellished brooches. I call RIATAS custom because you work personally with Jill throughout the entire creative design process.

Starting is simple. You simply go to the Order page here and fill out the Contact Me form at the bottom of the page. Jill will email you with a list of questions in an effort to get a better understanding of your personality and personal style. I encourage you to browse some of the pictures on her website, or even Instagram, to get some inspiration. Once your answers are received, Jill will then email or text you with different fabric selections based on your answers. This is the fun part! There are so many unique designs and colors to select from. You continue to communicate back and forth with Jill until your personal fabric choice has been made and then Jill will send you a picture of your pinned RIATA for your approval.

Custom RIATA Visor

RIATAS are perfect for protecting your face from the harsh sun and keeping yourself cool around the barn and at horse shows. I have taken my RIATA visor to the beach too. The fabric and optional embellishments allow you to remain your stylish self wherever you are, while simultaneously protecting your pretty face and neck.

I would be shirking my blogger duties if I didn’t also add that Jill is the nicest and most humble person, which honestly adds to the entire process. I quickly selected my visor design…the skull and bones design and sparkly brooch really spoke to me. I must have been going through something at the time! For my larger RIATA, however, I was stumped. Jill gave me so many perfect options that I just could not decide. So I presented the fabrics to my Instagram followers and they made the final fabric decision for me. The fabric has a vintage feel, with a soft baby blue color, and Jill finished it off with some vintage bling, based on my ” ALWAYS YES TO BLING” questionnaire answer. The final result was pretty much perfection and I quietly packed away all my other sun hats :).

For your own RIATA, use my code HORSEGLAM to get 10% off. BE YOU and have so much fun in the process! Shop HERE.

Be The Hostess With The Mostess

PC: Vagabond House

Have you ever been to a social gathering and wondered where the host or hostess found such fabulous serving pieces and home decor? Well, the secret is out. Vagabond House specializes in fine tableware, serveware and giftware. The pieces are stylish without sacrificing an ounce of tradition, and they seamlessly transition from casual to formal settings. Handcrafted from natural materials, with many touches of the highest quality pewter, almost every piece looks like a family heirloom… but one you are happy to inherit!

Be sure to take some time to explore Vagabond House in its entirety, but definitely don’t miss out on the new Equestrian Collection. Among other goodies, you will find pewter and wood serving trays, a stone and pewter sugar/creamer set, lots of pewter flatware, and a porcelain/pewter stirrup dessert stand. Seriously, if you can browse this Equestrian Collection and not feel like you want to host an afternoon tea (after a foxhunt in the English countryside) I will be impressed!

I like to host simple birthday parties or small get togethers, so for me, the cheese/dessert stand was perfect. This stand is made from hand-blown, sturdy glass with a horse bit attached to the glass top. A hand-crafted leather knob handle sits on top so you can easily move the glass dome without creating fingerprint smudges on the glass. In this particular set, there are three different heights to choose from. One stand is fun, but having two or more at staggered heights would also be eye catching.

Horse Bit Glass Dome
PC: Shannen Smyth Photography

The holidays are coming up which makes it a great time to update your dinerware and home decor. I know I am going to be ordering some special pieces for Thanksgiving from Vagabond House. The addition of the Equestrian Collection will make it hard to stop at just one item in my shopping cart!

Hello, Corro…We’ve Been Waiting For You.

Introducing Corro, a fresh new equestrian retailer and one-stop shop for all your horsey and stable needs. With fantastic customer service and goods promised “at the best prices guaranteed,” you might just have a new favorite online tack store. And honestly, it just feels good to shop somewhere different from the “big” guys, if you know what I mean!

The next show I am going to is in October and I plan to do a division on Hamster, as well as help groom for Charlottetowne Stable. At a big show, it is super easy to misplace things and feel disorganized by the 4th day, especially if everyone is sharing supplies! This time, I wanted to create my own Hamster-friendly show supplies in an effort to feel more organized and help calm my show nerves. Luckily, Corro was there to help me get started. The website was very easy to use and simple to search for specific items. I also saw new brands that I hadn’t heard of before and I really appreciated that. I sent a few questions to one of the shop consultants and she was quick to answer and offer suggestions. It really was a great first experience.

Hamster unboxing his show goodies from Corro!

Look inside my order and you can see that it is pretty diverse!

  1. Jolly Stall Snack. Hamster is 5 and wants constant attention at his stall, especially at shows when there is extra aisle foot traffic. This Jolly Snack will hopefully make him more content having alone time!
  2. To help brighten his light coat and enhance his dapples, I got the Vetrolin White ‘N Brite Shampoo. Don’t let the word “white” scare you, it works just as well on darker coats too, without bleaching them out.
  3. My favorite tail detangler recently switched manufacturers, so I was up for trying a common barn favorite: Cowboy Magic Detangler & Shine. Poor Hamster’s tail needs all the help it can get!
  4. Knotty Horse Apricot Oil Highlighting Coat Shine. Knotty Horse is a brand I am not familiar with but Corro had great things to say about them. I was looking for a finishing spray, something I could use as a groom minutes before show prep. I really look forward to giving this product a try on both Ham and Chloe. It will be interesting to see how it does on two different colored coats.
  5. Sole Pack Medicated Hoof Packing. I probably should have gotten the individual use “paddies” for easier show use, but this large quantity is great to have on the trailer in case you need it. We have definitely been to a few show venues here in the South where the footing hasn’t been the best, so sometimes we have to stay ahead of potential sore feet.
  6. Poor little Hamster was getting a rub from one of his older bell boots, so I thought these Centaur Fleece Cuff Bell Boots would do the trick and help prevent two things we definitely do not want to see at the horse show: an ugly rub and a missing shoe!
  7. To keep tack and my tall boots looking show ready, Corro suggested the Effax Leather Combination Cleaner. I like it because it does not leave a greasy residue behind.
  8. Hamster is not going to like this one, but the Slow Hay Feeder will help slow his hay chomping down and hopefully not only help the barn’s hay bill, but will also curb some of that stall boredom I referred to above.

Whether you ride English or Western, all of your horse and stable shopping needs are just a click away. Also worth noting is the guaranteed prices. If you find an item for cheaper elsewhere, they will match it or better. Corro also guarantees receipt of purchases within 5 business days and shipping is free when you spend over $99. In essence, your complete satisfication is guaranteed when you shop Corro.

Use code HORSEGLAM at checkout and receive an additional 10% off your total order! Visit CORRO to get started now!

The Hippest Rider’s Wristlet

The Hippest Rider’s Wristlet

The Rider’s Wristlet from Black Knight Accessories is just what it sounds like. It is a leather wristlet, with zip compartments that can hold multiple items (like keys, phone, treats, chapstick, money). It can also be worn four different ways, but more on that later. Without hesitation, The Rider’s Wristlet, or “RW,” is one of my most loved items in my closet. Oh, let me count the ways…

Safety. I often ride alone. Chloe, even at 19, is unpredictable. It’s nice to know that if I did fall off, I could call for help because my phone would be by my side. I imagine it would be invaluable for those of us that like to ride on the trails or do cross country!

Convenience. It is sooo nice to have all your must-haves on your person, hands-free. No more looking for my phone at the barn. At horseshows, it is even more of a blessing. Now it is easier for those last minute phone calls or texts from the show ring, back to the barn, looking for a number or an extra ear plug. If I need to grab something to eat, my credit card is already on me and I don’t have to trek back to the barn or car to get money.

Versatility. My RW can be worn four different ways. So basically you get four different options for the price of one. Winning! Are you ready? 1. It can be used as a regular, mainstream wristlet. It comes with a snazzy strap that attaches when needed. 2. Add a youthful crosstie body chain when you want to use your RW as a crossbody. I love this feature and I love the chain aesthetics. My RW has accompanied me to concerts, girls’ nights out and shopping trips. 3. Leave your RW naked (strapless) and drop it in your bigger bag or show trunk as a wallet or organizer. 4. As previously discussed, attach to a belt for hands free storage and convenience. The RW can attach to any belt with its simple snap closure or you can take your purchase to the next level by ordering a belt like this one from Black Knight Accessories.

Put your name on it. I wouldn’t be a true equestrian if I didn’t want to monogram everything. Black Knight also gives you the option of including a “name plate” and of course I wanted to put “Horse Glam” on there. The color of the plate and type of font is fully customizable.

Stylish. I can honestly say I have never seen a RW that I haven’t liked. The color combinations are endless, the leather textures are numerous. I already have my eyes on this one, and I just received mine this summer!

Join the Round Table and get your Black Knight RW here. Use code HORSEGLAM for 10% off!! If you have any questions, drop her an email – her customer service is great!

Quality Tack For Less. Much Less.

This beautiful, fancy stitched, square-raised bridle and matching fancy stitched reins will cost you only $205. Yes! That is not a typo. Bridle + Reins = $205. You = happy.

Hamster, wearing the Fancy Stitched bridle from Pure Harmony Equine Apparel
PC: Jennifer Blades Photography

In a sport where almost every big purchase requires you to eat a week’s worth of Ramen, finding good and quality deals is a game changer. Especially for something as important as your tack. Pure Harmony Equine Apparel offers you beautiful leather pieces at prices you can afford and they also have customer service you won’t find at the bigger stores. Owner, Lisa Updike, is not only knowledgable and responsive but she is adamant about helping you find near custom-like pieces for your horse. She treats every purchase like it is $1,000 and she takes great pride in outfitting your horse correctly. When I was placing Hamster’s bridle order, she requested me to do multiple measurements to his current bridle, in an effort to get the best fit. After she received the numbers, she suggested that Hamster have a bridle that was part Horse size and part Cob size. The result was a perfect fit. My trainer was so impressed, she immediately ordered a second bridle for a new horse at the barn. Note that when you mix sizing, it can cost up to $1o more.

Pure Harmony Equine Apparel is the exclusive dealer in the US of White Medallion Italian leather. Lisa even visited the leather factory to make sure the facility and the product was up to her standards. This level of care and pride in her store is a reflection of the quality tack and customer service you will receive. In fact, prior to receiving the bridle, I also received a leather show halter for Hamster. After it arrived and we put it on him, I thought that it would be better in the smaller Cob size. I messaged Lisa, with pictures, and she agreed. The exchange was easy and fast.

Before I sent the Horse sized Fancy Stitch and Padded halter back, we borrowed a larger horse, Aracino, and snapped this picture below. Like the bridles, the halters come in numerous styles, leather and hardware colors and even price points. This particular halter is priced at $135, but the Standard halter is almost half that price if you are not in the market for a show halter.

Aracino in the Fancy Stitched Halter from Pure Harmony Equine Apparel
PC: Jennifer Blades Photography

I am so pleased to have met Lisa, and to have learned more about the various products she provides through Pure Harmony Equine Apparel. It is nice to know that quality tack and equipment does not have to break the bank.

Everyday with Dapplebay

Dapplebay Sunshine & Horses Tshirt
PC: Shannen Smyth Photography

If you are looking for casual clothing with an equestrian touch, or even an easy gift for your horsey friend, I am confident you can find what you are looking for at Dapplebay. Dapplebay has apparel and accessories that are fun, fresh and often sport a cute or witty equestrian theme. From cellphone cases to baseball hats, Dapplebay has got you covered.

I get so many comments about my Dapplebay iPhone case that says something we all have thought from one time or another: “I like horses not people.” Naturally I have the matching t-shirt which is a necessary staple for those rough Mondays! Dapplebay t-shirts come in slim cut and boyfriend tee styles, but I tend to gravitate to fits that are looser like the boyfriend t-shirts. They tuck in easily and I feel more comfortable with the extra material to spare, especially if I want to half tuck it in.

I Like Horses Not People, T-shirt and Cell Case
PC: Shannen Smyth Photography

I am obsessed with my “Good Rides Only” cropped hooded sweatshirt (also comes in non-hooded option) and cannot wait for temperatures to dip lower in the fall so I can wear it weekly! To say it is soft and comfy is an understatement. The fleece interior, dropped shoulder and extra long arms are so cozy. I love the play on the popular saying “Good Vibes Only” too. If you like this phrase, you can find it on t-shirts here.

If you like my vintage black cotton twill hat, then be sure to visit this link where you can pick from numerous equestrian sayings. I loved the fit of this hat so much that I asked Dapplebay if I could get one that had Horse Glam on it! It fits low, relaxed and snug on my head.

Also worth mentioning is that Dapplebay has a NEW kids line, where most of the adult sized apparel is available in kids/youth, sizes 2-12. Leah was so nice to send Logan a t-shirt and she couldn’t wait to wear it to ride her first pony ever, Chase! When she saw that I had the matching t-shirt she about jumped for joy, it was so funny!

Thanks Dapplebay for giving us a sneak peak of your new lifestyle collection! Can’t wait to see what is next!

Logan wearing size 2 in Dapplebay Kids

Keep a Cool Head.

Wearing a navy myMareCo moisture wicking headband

It is 9:30am. I am at the barn ready to ride Chlo and I am already sweating before I even sit on the saddle. Welcome to summer in North Carolina…and sometimes spring, fall and winter. Of course, wearing a ginormous black helmet on your head with little ventilation, under the intense beating sun isn’t the most ideal method for staying cool. I’d rather be safe than cool and sorry though. When I am riding and sweat starts trickling underneath my helmet, down my forehead and into my eyes, I use my forearm to wipe it away. Each time I do this maneuver, I can’t help but be aware of the unpleasant sensation of the dust and grime on my bare arm sticking to my wet face.

This is where myMareCo enters the picture. myMareCo sells a moisture-wicking headband designed to keep any sweat from your head off your face. The headband has a wide band, stretching even wider when on your head. It slides over your ears, right over your hairnet. It’s very comfortable and sleek, without any bulk, so it will not affect your helmet size. When riding or walking around, you will forget it is there. We had a heat wave recently and I used it in temperatures of 94 degrees. My face was still wet, but it was not from sweat dripping down my forehead. The headband effectively caught all the moisture and kept it out of my eyes. I was also surprised to see how quickly it dried, making it easy to store for next time. An adult rider borrowed one of the headbands and had this to say: “One of the best things about this headband is I no longer have to worry about looking like I dunked my head in water during my ride. As someone who is a big sweater when I ride, I really enjoyed the headbands ability to keep it under control and from being absorbed into my helmet. It’s super thin and fits comfortably under my helmet.

The over-the-ears feature also helps to keep earbuds in. Many people ride while listening to music and the headband keeps the earbuds locked in place while cantering around. This would be helpful when running, doing yoga or other active activities as well. myMareCo was created by an avid equestrian, but the headband is versatile and can be used for any activity where you want to keep the hair and sweat out of your face. My mom has asked to borrow one for Pickleball (similar to Tennis).

Another feature advertised is that the headband helps to keep glasses from slipping down the bridge of your nose. I asked a Junior rider at my barn (who wears glasses and has this problem) to try the headband out for purposes of this review. She reported back that while her glasses slipped “only a tiny bit” she definitely noticed an improvement with the headband. She plans to keep on using the it when she rides.

Wearing a black myMareCo headband.

The myMareCo headband comes in numerous colors and patterns. Some are bright and feature pink, purple, white and green. However, if I am going to use the headband for riding, I prefer the solid, more conservative colors like black, white and navy. I think they blend in with my hair and my helmet and do not distract from my overall look. With over six colors to chose from, the myMareCo headband comes in enough colors to guarantee that you will match your outfit. They also come in packs of 2, 3 or 4 and can be hand washed. Currently priced between $10 and $16, depending on quantity, with free Amazon Prime shipping options. Additionally, they have a money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose by trying them!

Buy your myMareCo headband HERE.

Horse, Wash Your Face.

Introducing Equi-Clean Grooming Wipes

You will find face wipes in my bathroom, baby wipes in my car, and now, horse grooming wipes in my tack trunk. Baby wipes have always been part of my horse grooming routine, but NOW that Equi-Clean makes pre-moistened wipes in horse size, I only have to use one, instead of three regular-sized wipes per horse ear! It’s also nice to now know that I am using wipes on Chloe’s sensitive areas that are specifically designed with horses in mind and contain anti-fungal/anti-bacterial properties to help prevent fungus on the face, legs and body. No harsh chemicals here. In fact, they are made with the following natural herbs:  Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Comfrey, Lavender and Thyme. Of course Chloe’s wipes sound better than my own face wipes! Typical!

These wipes are not just for your horse’s eyes, ears and mouth, however. You can use them anywhere on your horse’s body that you want to remove dander, condition and create shine. Hence, cutting your grooming time down quite noticeably. In addition, the wipes are safe to use on your tack and riding boots (I didn’t hesitate to use them on my own Parlanti Boots). Because of this time and space saver, I took the package ring-side with me to our last horse show at Tyron International. As one of the show grooms, I was thankful that I did not have to lug around a stiff brush, wet towel and Show Sheen. Instead, I replaced the aforementioned items with my Equi-Clean Wipes.

At the horse show, I used the wipes when a horse was on deck. The wipes easily took care of any sweat marks, sandy legs, bit slobber, etc. The pre-moistened feature was a godsend for the rider’s tall boots, horse boots (if jumpers/eq) and sweaty reins/dirty bridles. It is also worth mentioning that one wipe not only could be used for multiple horses, but it also was so large that it stayed moistened for hours (note that I had the wipe in my tote, out of the direct sun).

This brings me to my next comment. When I first heard about Equi-Clean wipes, my first thought was “I wonder what makes this different than the generic baby wipes I am already using”. Besides being formulated for horses, the answer is the size! These wipes unfold to be about 10 times the size of a baby wipe, which makes sense since Chloe is 10 times the size of a toddler! And for those with dogs (and cats, if you have a death wish), these wipes can be used on all of our 4 legged friends, so you can toss your shampoos!

To scoop your very own horse-sized grooming wipes, you can click here. Priced currently at $24.95, each package contains 25 extra large wipes (23.5″ x 16″) that will last you multiple uses per wipe.

CODE: For 15% off these wipes and FREE shipping, use code: HORSEGLAM15 at checkout! Must order 2+ to get discount.

Pro-Tip: Place the wipes in a fridge or cooler and have a refreshing cleansing experience for your horse or you! Treat yo ‘self!

Horse, Wash Your Face.

Introducing Equi-Clean Grooming Wipes

You will find face wipes in my bathroom, baby wipes in my car, and now, horse grooming wipes in my tack trunk. Baby wipes have always been part of my horse grooming routine, but NOW that Equi-Clean makes pre-moistened wipes in horse size, I only have to use one, instead of three regular-sized wipes per horse ear! It’s also nice to now know that I am using wipes on Chloe’s sensitive areas that are specifically designed with horses in mind and contain anti-fungal/anti-bacterial properties to help prevent fungus on the face, legs and body. No harsh chemicals here. In fact, they are made with the following natural herbs:  Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Comfrey, Lavender and Thyme. Of course Chloe’s wipes sound better than my own face wipes! Typical!

These wipes are not just for your horse’s eyes, ears and mouth, however. You can use them anywhere on your horse’s body that you want to remove dander, condition and create shine. Hence, cutting your grooming time down quite noticeably. In addition, the wipes are safe to use on your tack and riding boots (I didn’t hesitate to use them on my own Parlanti Boots). Because of this time and space saver, I took the package ring-side with me to our last horse show at Tyron International. As one of the show grooms, I was thankful that I did not have to lug around a stiff brush, wet towel and Show Sheen. Instead, I replaced the aforementioned items with my Equi-Clean Wipes.

At the horse show, I used the wipes when a horse was on deck. The wipes easily took care of any sweat marks, sandy legs, bit slobber, etc. The pre-moistened feature was a godsend for the rider’s tall boots, horse boots (if jumpers/eq) and sweaty reins/dirty bridles. It is also worth mentioning that one wipe not only could be used for multiple horses, but it also was so large that it stayed moistened for hours (note that I had the wipe in my tote, out of the direct sun).

This brings me to my next comment. When I first heard about Equi-Clean wipes, my first thought was “I wonder what makes this different than the generic baby wipes I am already using”. Besides being formulated for horses, the answer is the size! These wipes unfold to be about 10 times the size of a baby wipe, which makes sense since Chloe is 10 times the size of a toddler! And for those with dogs (and cats, if you have a death wish), these wipes can be used on all of our 4 legged friends, so you can toss your shampoos!

To scoop your very own horse-sized grooming wipes, you can click here. Priced currently at $24.95, each package contains 25 extra large wipes (23.5″ x 16″) that will last you multiple uses per wipe.

CODE: For 15% off these wipes and FREE shipping, use code: HORSEGLAM15 at checkout! Must order 2+ to get discount.

Pro-Tip: Place the wipes in a fridge or cooler and have a refreshing cleansing experience for your horse or you! Treat yo ‘self!

Manhattan Saddlery House Label

Manhattan Saddlery House Label

If I could visit any tack store in the country it would definitely be Manhattan Saddlery. The only tack store located in New York City, Manhattan Saddlery has been New York’s destination for all things horse and rider since 1912. Located on 24th street in a historic, split level space, Manhattan Saddlery displays equipment, goods and apparel ranging from Jackie-O traditional and classic, to the very latest in equestrian trends.

Recently launched is the Manhattan Saddlery House Label, which features a line of items designed in-house by an experienced team of lifelong equestrians. The Claremont Belt is one of the first items released by the House Label and is named after the last riding stable in New York City. You cannot beat the look of this classic spur buckle. It instantly adds a look of equestrian sophistication to your outfit. The Claremont Belt comes in black or havana leather, with silver (nickel plated) or gold (brass) buckles, respectively. The bridle leather is top quality, deriving from a 150 year old tannery.

I love wearing equestrian pieces in the mainstream world, especially when they are subtle nods to our sport like the Claremont Belt. This belt is as easy to pair with jeans as it is with riding breeches. At 1 1/2 inches wide, I have had no problem with it fitting any of my pants, breeches or mainstream. The belt pictured is a size 30. Note that most of my belts are a size 32, but I thought sizing down would give the belt a cleaner look (I am on the last hole in this pictures). A quick way to determine your size is to measure your favorite belt from the hole most use to the start of the buckle.

The Claremont Belt is currently priced at $109, but use my code ANDREA20 for 20% off your House Label purchases at Manhattan Saddlery!

Silk Scarves: The Perfect Summer Accessory

If your outfit is missing something, but you can’t determine just what that something is, do not hesitate to grab a silk scarf. This simple, yet often overlooked fashion accessory, can immediately take your look from casual to chic. In the first picture, I was wearing a white t-shirt (you can’t get more casual than this) and riding jeans, but as soon as I tied the Belmont Scarf from Apacceli around my neck, my outfit took on a completely different vibe. Then, the same scarf, tied differently, completely dressed up my black wide-legged jumpsuit. By loosely draping it around my shoulders, my beachy jumpsuit transitioned from coffeeshop casual to cocktails with friends.

As much as I love black and white and the beautiful designs intertwined in the Belmont Scarf, I was very drawn to the cool colors in the Apacceli Preakness Scarf. This silk scarf depicts four jockeys and galloping horses, with alternating stripes in calming hues of pastel green, lilac and ivory. It is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Giving a nod to the equestrian theme, I paired the Preakness Scarf with black riding breeches with tan knee patches from LeFash. I thought the black really made the cool colors of the silk pop. Tying the scarf as a bandana gave my equestrian attire a polish and it also helped to keep those sun rays off my neck and chest. I really loved this look.

Like many people, I have always appreciated the look of a silk scarf, however I was really intimidated by them. I thought I had no idea how to tie or incorporate a scarf into my look. The goods news is twofold: 1. There are endless options for how to use and tie a silk scarf. 2. There is no wrong way to use or tie a silk scarf! Once I got over my phobia of “doing it wrong,” I recognized the positive addition they made to my wardrobe. I now look forward to the instant glam factor that a beautiful silk scarf can provide!

For other color options and designs, be sure to check out the rest of the silk scarf collection from Apacceli. There is even one for horseshow dog lovers! Reasonably priced at $89.

It’s Epic

Epic Animal Superfood Treats
PC: Shannen Smyth Photography

Epic Horse Treats first contacted me about Chloe trying their handmade “superfood” animal treats. They are called “superfood” because the treats are made without any corn, wheat, soy, sugar, dyes, fillers or preservatives. Packed with vitamins, Omega 3-6-9, plant proteins and (healthy) plant fats, these treats are recommended for support of healthy joints, connective tissues, heart and brain function. Not only did Chloe’s eyes pop out of her head for these treats on the daily, but I felt good about her eating them. Sure, I think the decorative treats are so creative and they make fabulous gifts, but they aren’t treats I feel comfortable giving after every ride. Now if I could only do something about Chloe’s potato chip habit…

Soon my whole barn was consuming boxes of these superfood treats, each horse hooked just as much as the next. My mom’s dog was also into them, as was the barn farrier’s corgi who consumed half a box when I wasn’t paying attention. Epic’s treats are for almost all animals: donkeys, dogs, pigs and even chickens! They really are a treat for the whole barn. It wasn’t long before Epic expanded their treat line to carrying CBD infused treats, providing additional noticeable benefits, such as calming and anti-inflammation. Since they contain no THC, they meet all horse show regulations. These are great additions to your snack bin, perfect for nervous horses or anxious 4 legged car travelers.

The treats were my first experience with CBD products. I live in conservative North Carolina, and CBD shops are just now popping up in my area. When Epic branched out further from treats, into CBD salve and tonic sprays, I really did not know what to expect. Truthfully, I have never been so pleasantly surprised.

Organic Healing Salve: consistency of shea butter. SALE!

The organic healing salve can be used on horses. A quick smudge on the nostrils can help calm their anxiety. The smell is pretty strong, so don’t be surprised if you get a few lip curls. If your horse has shaved ears, you may want to apply it there. Honestly, I have used this product mostly in my own human household. One of my friends who also purchased the product said it best when she referred to the salve as “duct tape”. You really can use it on EVERY ache, pain or area of discomfort. It took me 15 minutes to be a believer in this product. Things it noticeably relieved: PMS cramps that woke me up in the middle of the night (sorry if TMI), pulled shoulder muscle from working out for the first time in months, my husband’s chronic knee ache, my family’s sinus pain and drainage issues from NC allergies, my neighbor’s back pain and head cold, and the list goes on. Duct tape, people, duct tape! It is pricy, I won’t disagree, but the jar is pretty big and the consistency is closer to shea butter, so a little goes a long way. It really is a fantastic product! UPDATE: SALE on SALVE going on NOW!

Believe it or not, I saved the best for last. This is my favorite item in my everyday routine HANDS DOWN. I love Epic’s Face and Body Tonic spray. It moisturizes, tightens, tones, brightens, plumps, highlights, and improves the texture of my skin. You can tell a slight difference in a matter of days, but give it a month and you will really notice a change. I am at two months and I swear it has made my skin look years younger. It also makes me happy, which is an actual side effect of the spray that I didn’t realize until another friend (and Face Tonic user) pointed it out to me. Every morning and every night, I spray this on my clean face and let it air dry. I then put my moisturizer or sunscreen, as applicable, right over it. I cannot imagine it not being part of my skincare routine and I am starting to have anxiety about it running out. I brought it with me to the horse shows and I am even bringing it to Mexico this coming week. I linked the 2 month supply because I really think it just keeps getting better and better each day, but there is also a cheaper 1 month supply option. If you are looking for a change in your beauty regimen or even something nice to do for yourself, I highly suggest this product. You won’t be dissapointed! Reminder: there is no THC in CBD products.

USE this code for 15% off on all Epic products: Horseglam

Face Tonic. THE BEST THING EVER! See, I really did take it to Mexico!!

Apacceli: Luxury with an Equestrian Twist

Apacceli launched last Fall promising luxury clothing, with an equestrian twist, made for the athletic woman. I received two of their current pieces, both of which fulfilled Apacceli’s promise.

The Studded Sweater is dark gray, with gunmetal studs placed in flattering patterns. The neckline is wide with a more conservative front cut, but surprises in the back where it dips into a lower, feminine V. I wore mine with Botori riding breeches to play on the equestrian feel, but the Studded Sweater would stun in a pair of black jeans and booties. It could easily transition from casual Friday at work to dinner that night with your girlfriends. It is cut shorter than I anticipated, but I thought the length (hitting right at my belt loop area) gave it a modern, younger feel.

Inspired by the famous cave paintings in France (I drew a blank so I had to Google too, don’t worry!), the Lascaux Bull Sweater uses faceted studs and maroon colored brush strokes to create the outline of a bull. I originally was going to wear black cut-up jeans with the sweater to balance out the fancy stud detail, but at the last minute decided to embrace the glamour. I used faux leather leggings and loved the final look.

As you can see from the pictures, Apacceli delivered on luxury. The pieces are luxe and well made. They also are not cheap, each around $200. The equestrian influence is also apparent but subtle. The studs were a nice touch that did not distract from the overall picture. The sizing is based off an athletic build so you should size down if you are in between sizes. Both of my sweaters are a size XS.

I previously mentioned that both sweaters would look great with black jeans. Conveniently, Apacceli sells black jeans with gunmetal studs, similar to those on the Studded Sweater. These are currently sold out, but definitely something to think about when they are re-stocked. If you are in the market for cocktail attire or a formal dress, be sure to check out Apacceli’s Velvet Cape dress. Off-the shoulder and hitting mid-thigh, this would be a showstopper.

I look forward to seeing the upcoming collections from Apacceli. Be sure to follow them on Instagram to see what is next!

Velvet Cape Dress; Picture from Apacceli