about horse glam

IMG_3719You may know Chloe as the face of Pony Glam, a small equestrian company created by Chloe’s owner/personal assistant/minion, Andrea, in 2012.  Since Pony Glam’s inception, Chloe vowed to one day launch Horse Glam. That day has arrived.

What is Horse Glam?  Horse Glam is a fresh take on an equestrian lifestyle blog. We post about all things equestrian, and how our love for the sport continues to shape our life and style. We hope to be your go-to source for your next purchase, style inspiration or Monday work distraction.

What makes Horse Glam different?  Chloe and Andrea.  Chloe reviews all products through the eyes of the horse. Her sassy attitude means that you get an honest review. Andrea uses her experience with, and connections through, her years of running Pony Glam to help introduce readers to the many outstanding small equestrian brands that are out there waiting for you.

What is Horse Glam NOT?  This blog will not focus solely on luxury items, as horses are expensive enough. Instead, we want Horse Glam to be your top guide for your next purchase, not just your next big purchase.

We look forward to this new venture, to helping old friends and making new friends. Sign up to get your weekly Horse Glam fix! xoxo