I am on probiotics. Should my horse be too?

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I have been taking probiotics on and off for the last few years, but in all honesty I am not even really sure what they are. Well, at least I wasn’t informed until Chloe was sent her own bottle of probiotics to try. Since it makes complete sense that I would research something I was going to give Chloe and NOT myself, I now know more about probiotics than I probably need to!

What are probiotics? Probiotics are a combination of “good”, live bacteria and yeast that naturally exist in our bodies. Yes, you read that right: bacteria. Especially in today’s current climate, bacteria gets a bad wrap, but the truth is we need “good” bacteria to help fight off the “bad” bacteria, and to keep our bodies healthy and working properly. Good bacteria can not only keep you from getting sick and build up your immune system, but it can also help your body digest food, create a healthier gut, and help you better absorb other medications.

What is MitoHorse? MitoHorse is a premium plant-based probiotic that is made of both yeast (Saccharomyces boulardii) and LIVE bacteria (Pediococcus acidilactici). Key fact: Mitohorse is the only known available plant-based probiotic available in the equine industry. This matters because not only is a plant-based product more environmentally stable than a milk-based product, for example, but plants are way more natural for our grass-eating horses to digest. In a recent USDA study, the particular strain of bacteria used by MitoHorse was scientifically shown to stimulate immune response and eliminate parasites. Unlike synthetic chemicals there are no reports or studies that show side effects or over dose toxicity with probiotics.

PC Bailey Williams Photography

Can probiotics hurt my horse? This was actually the first thing I asked. Unlike synthetic chemicals, there are no reports or studies that show negative side effects with probiotics. There also have been no over-dose toxicity reports. Given this information, I felt like there was definitely no harm in trying MitoHorse in Chloe’s diet.

How do I give the probiotics? MitoHorse is currently only in a capsule form. This makes the shelf-life longer as it protects the ingredients from air exposure. Key fact: Probiotics need to be live to work, and the capsule form keeps the “good” bacteria live until it reaches the gut. Other versions are only “live” until the package is opened The result is a much less effective product. Using capsules also means that the dose is consistent and accurate, unlike scooping traditional supplements out of a bigger container where you run the risk of lazy scooping (I am guilty of this!). MitoHorse Dosage: 1 capsule per 200lbs. I will not tell you how much I give Chloe because a lady never divulges her weight :). Luckily Chloe had no problem eating the pills that I loosely distributed into her grain, along with her other supplements. Looking for the perfect probiotic to use on the go? Check out these freeze dried probiotics from Proper Pastures. I can’t wait to use them at weekend shows.

Three weeks later: Chloe has been taking MitoHorse for about three weeks now. Around the same time she began taking medicine for her recently diagnosed Cushings Disease, so I cannot attribute her improved energy and overall state solely to the MitoHorse. It is important to note that the treatment for Cushings Disease can have harsh side effects, but luckily Chloe hasn’t shown signs of any of these. However, MitoHorse has been clinically proven to alleviate side effects to such prescription medicines, as well as help in their absorption, so it is very plausible that MitoHorse has played a key role in Chloe’s success on her Cushings medicine. While I won’t ever be able to prove that it is MitoHorse probiotics that are helping Chloe feel more comfortable, I can safely say they are only helping her live her best life.

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