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Shakespearean Quote Bracelet by Caracol

Real talk right here. Sometimes when I am shopping I get overwhelmed by the number of choices and then choose… nothing. When I first saw the Caracol website, specifically the “Equestrian” section, I had no idea where to start my selection. There was just so many beautiful jewelry items- rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces. Sterling silver, gold, leather. Where do I start?! In fact, I ended up just telling them to choose for me! When the “Horse Glam Stack” arrived and I put the 3 bracelets on my arm, I have never been so pleasantly surprised!

The first bracelet I unwrapped was the Shakespearean Quote bracelet. Stamped on the sterling silver cuff is the famous quote from the play Hamlet, “Above all else: To thine own self be true…” I cannot tell you what perfect timing it was to see those words. I love when I look down and see that quote. It really encompasses what I believe (and what I am always preaching to my friends). YOU deserve to be happy and the only one that can guaranty this happiness is YOU. Stay true to yourself, and the rest will fall into place how it should. I like pairing this bracelet with others, especially something chunky! The cuff design allows you to easily tighten or loosen the bracelet around your wrist. (Great for stick arms like mine!)

The Equus Hook bracelet is probably my favorite. The half bit detail is undeniably equestrian, but to the mainstream world it just looks like a hook closure. I love the size…it is substantial but does not overwhelm my small wrists. It looks great alone and even better stacked. Most important is that it is comfortable, so you can do anything while wearing it (including riding). It comes in multiple sizes which guarantees you the perfect close fit. Mine is sterling silver, but there is a version with 18k gold accents here.

Last but not least is the sterling silver Hook Loop Bangle bracelet. This bracelet is a bit more narrow than the Equus Hook described above and looks great stacked with your other favorite pieces. It also comes in 3 sizes for a perfect fit.

Hook Loop Bracelet by Caracol

I should point out that you do not have to buy these beauties as a stack, but it would be cheaper than buying them individually. By scrolling down the page linked above, you can see individual links for each bracelet. Use discount HORSE GLAM for 15% off! Be sure to browse the Caracol website. You will see lots of other jewelry options, as well as a wide range of apparel and accessories. Happy shopping!

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