Blake Goods delivers.

Blake Goods Belt; PC Shannen Smyth Photography

Equestrians know a thing or two about leather goods. We outfit our horses in expensive leather tack and equipment. We ride in leather gloves, chaps and boots. We have high expectations when it comes to leather quality and durability, and equally high expectations when it comes to its aesthetics. When Jessie Lochrie founded Blake Goods, she knew exactly the sort of equestrian-inspired leather belt she wanted to bring to both the mainstream and equestrian markets. A crucial component of bringing her vision to life is key business partnerships. Blake Goods has joined forces with a master tannery that has been producing old-world bridle leather for over 150 years and an expert equestrian leatherwork American factory that can bring her modern design visions to life. The result is a “durable, beautiful leather good” that is strong enough for your horse, but stylish enough for you.

I received the Center Bar Belt in jet (black) and brass. It also comes in a caramel leather, with brass buckle. The belt is 1″ wide, which means it fits all the different size belt loops on my breeches and jeans. It also is the perfect size for one of my equestrian belt bags (as pictured) so I was pretty excited about that! The belt design is clean and modern, and the leather is high quality, as promised. The black color has remained true and has not bled onto my tan breeches. One reviewer mentioned the leather was stiff for a few days, but I did not notice this at all. I have only had this belt for a month, but I have worn it many times to the barn and I have also worn it out to dinner with friends. It pairs nicely with jeans and heels. This belt is currently priced at $85.

Also worth mentioning is the Circle Belt. It is currently the most popular item on the website. The belt is fully adjustable and does not have any traditional belt holes. It is a slightly wider than my belt, at 1.5″. It also comes in jet and caramel leather, as well as a nickel option for the circle hardware. I think this belt would look really cute around a maxi dress.

Some worthwhile notes! 1. Sizing. Pay attention to the sizing guide. Size up, especially if you are on the fence. These belts will not stretch significantly over time. My belt is a size 32 for reference. 2. All belts are made from vegetable tanned leather and are eco-friendly. Yay! 3. There are sample sizes on the website here selling for $55! Don’t miss out!

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  1. Thank you for posting! I love me some good quality belts for both the barn and on a night out!

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