Get to know Georgian Dollar

Amanda Dowie is a life-long, avid equestrian. She lives in the UK and owns four horses. I think it is safe to assume that if you own and ride four horses you need all that saddle time to be as comfortable as possible. In 2018, Amanda launched her brand, Georgian Dollar, named after her daughter’s pony. Her dream was to design equestrian jeans that are stylish, comfortable and technically functional. I’d say mission accomplished.

The Sieta Equestrian Jeans are noticeably soft. The denim is so inviting that I wondered if it would be durable. I received my pair in November and so far, so good!. The second thing your eye will be drawn to is the black Lycra that starts at the ankle and travels up the front of the shins. At first I thought this was random but the Lycra material (instead of denim) helps streamline the leg and prevent bulk under your tall boots or chaps. Note that the back of the leg does not have Lycra. The Sieta has sillicone grip patches around the inner thigh/seat area that are small and blue in color, blending into the denim well. I also really liked that there are pockets in the back. I always think back pockets are flattering on breeches, helping them bridge the gap to street style, and also, let’s face it, it’s a nice place to put your phone when you are not riding!

I own two other pairs of denim breeches and I will say these feel the most like my favorite pair of mainstream jeans, which is what I imagine Amanda was really striving for. Today, so many of us find ourselves wearing our riding breeches for hours after we have been at the barn (running errands, picking up the kids, cooking dinner) and so it is really appreciated when your comfort doesn’t require you changing your outfit immediately. My only other comment would pertain to the unique button flap. It caused me to double check my zipper on occasion.

Georgian Dollar also has a white denim breech called the Regalita for sale, which I think would be a nice addition to a Spring/Summer equestrian wardrobe. The Georgian Dollar jeans can be thrown into the wash with your other clothes, so don’t be afraid to try white. Note: I like to hang dry mine and then put into the dryer for a few minutes.

Be sure to follow Georgian Dollar on Instagram so you can keep up with their growing brand!

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