Please Get Your EQright by Chloe (the horse)

It’s been over a month since Andrea received her very own EQright, the real-time equitation feedback device she first blogged about HERE, and the results are in. Has she gotten her equitation right?

Well, my back is less sore now because she is sitting more balanced, which is clearly a positive side effect (for me), but I also have less reason to buck her, which is obviously a negative side effect (for me). Don’t look so surprised. She’s owned me for 10 years. She should know by now that if she is going to sit on me unbalanced, I am going to buck her. If she is going to drop her eyes, then her shoulders and lean up my neck, I am going to spook, fart and crow hop (not necessarily in that order, but most likely in that order). Since riding with EQright, these aforementioned equitation “no-no’s” have decreased in occurrence and sometimes she doesn’t even get to the part where she leans up my neck. Now, when her helmet brim dips down further than where she calibrated as the acceptable level, EQright will alert her with a soft vibration until she adjusts her riding position appropriately. Sometimes she fixes her position so quickly that I don’t even have time to “react”.

Basically, EQright has taken my job from me. For just that reason alone, I am a fan of EQright. A decade worth of crow hopping really can get boring…and frankly, tiring. If EQright wants to take over the reins, that is totally fine with me. I still have plenty of other mare-ish activities to keep myself busy, like perfectly timed tail swats into the eyeballs. Now, if only EQright could do something about her inability to count strides…

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