Getting My Eq Right

What if I told you that with just one ride you could improve your equitation? EQright help with just this through the use of real time equitation feedback. It’s as simple as clipping the EQright device onto the brim of your riding helmet. This lightweight device is discreet and securely stays well out of your eyesight. In fact, sometimes I forget it is there. Well, until I feel a soft vibrate of course. The EQright vibrates and buzzes when it detects your helmet alignment moving too far south…aka you are looking down at the jump or you are leaning forward. I get buzzed in my canter departures when I am legging on a lazy 5 yr old. EQright has reminded me to not forego my equitation in the transition, but to stay balanced and not round my shoulders.

Think about it, when your head tips downward (usually, in my case, following the eyes), it causes your entire body to move forward and out of proper positioning. The simple and quick vibrate from EQright keeps you from looking down, stops you from rounding the shoulders, aids in proper body alignment and overall balance, and stops you from leaning forward. In other words, you get your equitation right.

Lessons with a professional trainer are without question the best training tool, but of course it is not something you can afford to do every ride. When you ride solo often (me), the EQright is such a great device to have handy. The immediate feedback helps you break bad habits as they are occurring. I have noticed that when I am using EQright, I try harder, which means my rides are more effective for both myself and the horse. I love to see how long I can go without a buzz. Some days are better than others! A junior rider at my barn likes to use EQright during her lessons – two trainers for the price of one!

Using the device is pretty easy. Like I said, you slip it onto the brim of your helmet, with the display pointed down so you can easily reach it while your helmet is on. Once mounted, turn the device on and begin calibration. To calibrate, move your head to the desired chin positioning. Now purposely drop your chin below this imaginary line and hold the large green button. You are now ready to ride. If your chin drops to, or below, this level you will get a notification vibration until you readjust your head to the correct level!

A few things you should know. You can mute the device when you are not mounted. I didn’t realize this at first but it is handy to know, otherwise you will get buzzed putting on your spurs or fishing a peppermint out of your trunk (true stories). You can select the vibration strength to low or high. I have it on low and have no problem knowing when it is alerting me. I also have never had a horse react to it, although the directions do suggest that on the first use to let the horse hear it a few times before mounting.

As mentioned earlier, I like to see how long I can go each ride without getting alerted. As I improve my time, I can actually make the “game” more difficult. The “time adjust” button on the device allows you to select how many seconds (2, 4 or 6) pass before you are alerted that your chin has dropped below the calibrated level. When I can go an entire ride without a vibrate on the 2 second time adjust I will let you know!

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