Chloe 1; Andrea 0.

PSA: the ground will be much harder each time you fall than it was the previous time. Despite the weather keeping me from lessoning for weeks, I was actually having a really enjoyable jumping lesson on Thursday. Chloe was definitely excitable but we pushed through it and kept working on putting 4-5 jumps/turns together. Towards the end of the lesson, I was coming to one of my last jumps, and I was already thinking ahead to the next part, when as we were in mid-air, Chloe ripped a huge buck. I was already in two-point, so when she landed the buck and crow hopped left, I just kept going straight…onto my face! I literally broke my fall with my face. I remember laying there thinking I knocked all my teeth out…and I could hear Chloe galloping around (farting). Jackie, my trainer, kept asking me if I was okay, and while I was physically okay, I did sort of want to cry. I got back on, jumped it a few more times, and it was fine. However, I could not get over that I fell off. I’ve had Chloe for 9 years and I’ve fallen off one other time (when she fell down herself in a freak accident) and while I realize that isn’t necessarily normal statistics, especially since 90% of Chloe’s riders fall off LOL,  I still wasn’t prepared for how much it hurt my confidence.

I also think I may need a new helmet because my helmet gave me a black/blue nose. Does anyone have any comments about that? I am assuming it is a sign that it doesn’t fit properly?

It is pouring today. 🙁

2 thoughts on “Chloe 1; Andrea 0.

  1. Do you mean that the front of your helmet came down and bumped the bridge of your nose? If so, then yeah… Too big or wrong shape I’d think.

    I’m super nervous confidence wise to hop back on Kosmo after a year of him being put to pasture… He made me nervous with his antics when I was pregnant, which I think I still need to work through. Good job getting back on! That’s half the battle.

  2. Stacy – Yes, I think that is exactly what happened! My helmet used to fit, but I lost soooo much hair after the two back-to-back pregnancies that I think it does not fit properly anymore!! Probably something you can relate to!

    I totally feel your struggle. Is there anyone that can help you keep Kosmo exercised and in mental shape. That made a huge difference for me because it is sooo hard to get out to the barn like we used to before kids!

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