Andrea: My Mane Problem

Okay, despite my best efforts of trying to ride every Tues/Thurs, and maybe once on the weekend, the weather (closed arena) + cancelled lessons is getting the best of me. Today was the first day I was able to really ride Chloe in the last 2 weeks!!! AAHH!! Luckily she was SO GOOD and I had the best time riding her. It definitely made up for my lesson being cancelled! However, when I was cooling down, I snapped this picture of her. It is super embarrassing but worth sharing. I know 95% of you will totally see what I am talking about: the grass in her mane! It made me so sad when I was walking around because it is just yet another reminder of how rushed I am at the barn now. Years ago, that would never have happened. I appreciate the beauty of a well turned out horse, but I also truly believe that without it, you show lack of respect for the sport, and even worse, your horse. Anyway, it is dumb, but it really bummed me out to see such a glaring thing I missed before I hastily tacked up. Here’s hoping to the snow disappearing tomorrow so I can lesson! Wishful thinking!



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