Bethany’s Equestrian Style

Bethany Lee is the founder and voice behind the hit blog, My Equestrian Style. She is in the top running for Style Editor for The Plaid Horse, so please be sure to vote for her if you can! A long time equestrian, Bethany has been riding since she was 5 years old, and currently shows as a professional in the hunter/jumper divisions in Jacksonville, FL. Her favorite thing about the sport is seeing how much a green prospect can change and develop in a short amount of time with consistent riding and proper training.  When asked about her personal goals for the remainder of the year she said she would love to be more consistent about hitting the gym, as she thinks it is the best way to get better at riding outside of being in the saddle. I was so excited to be able to chat with her about her personal style because I love her effortless look and casual vibe, and I think you all will too! Big thanks to Bethany for being Horse Glam’s first quickfire style interview!

Scarf from the Red Scarf Equestrian

HG: Must-have color for Fall?
Bethany: Rust and burgundy.

HG: Ruffles or pin-stripes?
Bethany: Both!

HG: Favorite color of Tailored Sportsman?
Bethany: I love that dark green with the vintage patches (Black Forest, I believe!).

HG: Big Christmas item on the wishlist this year?
Bethany: I got it early— my new CWD saddle 🙂

HG: Go-to hairstyle?
Bethany: I have so much hair and with the heat, I usually throw it in a top knot until it’s under a helmet!

HG: Beauty secret? (Mine is I wash my face every night no matter what!)
Bethany: Kleenex Cleansing Wipes right after I ride.

HG: Sun glasses or hat?
Bethany: Both.. have you seen my ginger skin?

HG: Lipstick or lipgloss?
Bethany: Lipstick.

HG: Black or navy?
Bethany: Black, but that was a really hard decision for me!

HG: Favorite Fall jacket?
Bethany: For fall, I’m more of a vest girl. I have a great Ellany Equestrian puffer vest with my monogram on the back of the neck. Its gorgeous!

HG: Off the shoulder or cut out sleeves?
Bethany: Off the shoulder, always.

Thanks Bethany!! xo Andrea + Chloe




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