Horse Glam Equestrian FIT Challenge

I have consumed literally 500 lbs of freaking Reese’s peanut butter pumpkins and it is only September! I need help!! For this reason, coupled with the facts that I am super out of shape, so tired all the time, and am a walking carb, I wanted to host a 31 day fitness challenge. This #horseglamequestrianfitchallenge is modeled off those popular social media memes, usually named “Beach Body ready” or “Perfect Abs”, with each day having a different exercise that gradually increases in difficulty. This particular workout is geared to equestrians, so it focuses on core strength and leg strength, and by the end of the 31 days we all will be fitter and stronger to do what we like to do best: RIDE! I asked my friend Dana, at EqStyleTheory to put together the exercises as she is getting degrees in numerous areas related to exercise and is way more knowledgable and healthy than I am (remember the Reese’s addiction? LOL).  She did a great job of starting out slowly, so that those of us like me, who haven’t worked out in 100 years, won’t over do it. The idea is to complete all 31 days and not quit!! The workouts get harder so stay with it!! Use the hashtag #horseglamequestrianfitchallenge to post pictures/videos and meet others doing the workout! We can get through it together!! 🙂 Plus, one super-duper lucky person will get some Horse Glam swag at the end!! Additionally, I would like to thank all the amazing small brands that have sponsored an exercise day. They didn’t hesitate to say “yes” and I am so thankful for their support. As Taylor at The East Coast Equestrian has said, we are all stronger together! Now, let’s kick some butt and get fitter!

Keep checking back to get instructional videos on how to properly do the exercises, inspirational messages and/or laugh at me doing the workouts. See the workout calendar (starts Oct 1!!!) and all the amazing brands participating below!!

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