Put A Glove On It

I’ve been thinking about getting a new pair of everyday riding gloves. For years I have been getting the SSG Lycrochet Horseshoe Back in Natural. I love the gloves and currently have two pairs in my tack trunk. I have always gravitated to the color contrast between the tan leather palm and the ivory crochet back. The horseshoe-shaped opening, coupled with the crochet material, seems like it keeps my hand cooler than it would be in another glove. However, like mentioned, I don’t have much to compare it to.

2550-naturalAll this being said, I think I am ready to try something new.  When looking at the SSG website, I saw this pair of SSG Ranger everyday gloves that caught my eye. They look so soft and feminine. I can also picture them outside of the barn atmosphere too, paired with a formal coat, which I think is pretty cool.  I like the Acorn color (below), but they also come in Black and Natural.

2300-acornI also really liked the look of the SSG Hybrid. This design has a leather back and an aquasuede palm, which is supposed to help secure your grip. It also allows you to use your cell phone while you have them on, which I am embarrassed to say is a much appreciated feature to me! I also liked the look of the snap buckle. They come in brown (my favorite), black and white.

4200-brown-tanWhat do you guys think? Which do I chose?! What are your go-to riding gloves?




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