Katharine Page: From Your Tack Room to Your Closet

I know it’s odd to think about sandals when everyone is gearing up for Fall (and pumpkin spiced lattes), but I live in North Carolina and have two little kids, which means two things: 1. Sometimes it is 85 degrees in December and perfect sandal weather; and 2. I only have time to slip on sandals and I haven’t worn heels in probably 7 months. I’ve had my eye on Katharine Page sandals for a while now and each time I see a pair I continue to be inspired. There is nothing better than clean show tack, particularly a well-oiled bridle wrapped in a figure eight style. The buttery leather and intricate hand-stitching showcases the luxurious details of our equestrian sport.  Katharine Page takes this same elegant concept to women’s sandals. She focuses on quality, simplicity, comfort and longevity and the result is a beautiful and luxurious sandal. I am not going to lie, these sandals are pricey (and understandably so), which is why I have not yet treated myself to a pair. However, they deserve to be on your radar and perhaps added to your personal wish list. Besides, the holidays are coming. 🙂

My favorite is the Devon (in bridle brown), but if you are feeling fancy, splurge for the Palm Beach

Price: $375/$385 (free shipping in US); note: see sizing tip and order a size up.


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