You Smell Like A Horse

My husband always says to me, “You smell like a horse.” To which I obviously reply, “Thank you.” Thanks to Grey Horse Candle Company, my entire house can now smell like a barn! Each candle is made from 100% all natural soy wax from American grown soy beans and premium essential and fragrance oils. The soy wax burns 50% longer, cleans up easier if spilled and releases no known carcinogens in the air.

There are fifteen different wonderful horse-related scents to choose from (or you can buy them ALL for $235). To name a few: Fresh Cut Hay, Cedar Shavings, Early Morning Trail Ride, Show Day, High End Saddle, and so on!

This would make the perfect house or barn warming gift! I am going to order one soon for a friend so I will update this post afterwards!

Price: $17.00; 12 ounce canning jar. Buy: HERE!

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Note: All candles are handmade by the owner, which means it can take 3-7 days before shipping. I only mention that because I noticed customers “complained” about that on reviews – which is unfortunate because 3-7 days is nothing, especially when you are supporting a small business. Good things come to those who wait. 😉

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