I don’t have anything to wear.

This is my life. Despite having a closet the size of Chloe’s stall, I still have nothing to wear. Ever. Luckily, my time outside of the house is equally divided between Target, the grocery store and the barn, so my clothing game isn’t critical. However, when I get to actually go somewhere, like a girls night out or a wedding, I want to look cute and stylish because finalllllly I am doing something! So back to my problem of having nothing to wear. Enter my friend, Colleen, a personal stylist and fashion blogger. She totally gets me. She likes to eat cheese and drink wine and she fake laughs at my jokes. However, she really likes shopping and staying ahead of the trends. I’d much rather someone else do that for me. So she does. And she can do it for you, too. For a small fee, of course.  Here is an example of how easy (and affordable) it is.

My friend/trainer Jackie is going to the annual Hampton Classic Horse Show this September to hang out with, and watch, her bff show. We can assume they are going to grab dinner and drinks afterwards. This will be one of the few times ever Jackie will not be wearing breeches to a horse event and will actually need to think about what she is wearing. I mean, she is going to be in the Hamptons (said with a pinky in the air) of all places. I asked Jackie if she wanted to volunteer for Colleen’s services. She said, “Sure”, mainly because Jackie will say yes to anything, but that is another blog post. So, objective: find Jackie a spectator outfit for the Hamptons Horse Show, with the capability of going out to dinner/drinks afterwards in the Hamptons.

Step 1: Go to Colleen’s website: City Luxe Style. Hover over the last tab, “Get Styled by Colleen”. You want to click the “Virtual Styling Services” dropdown menu. We need one outfit, so we will go to the first styling service option. Total: $14.99!!

Step 2. Once you hit “BUY NOW” a questionnaire pops up with all sorts of style profile questions pertaining to your style personality and your special event.  This helps Colleen know if you are an anti-pink, anti-sparkly person (Jackie) or a J.Crew, cute sandals person (also Jackie). After you fill this out, then you complete the payment process.

Step 3: You wait 48 hours.

Step 4: Colleen sends you an email with a personal outfit portfolio. It has a picture of your total outfit, complete with shoes and jewelry. The portfolio also has step-by-step instructions on how to wear the outfit. You may laugh, but did you realize there is a totally wrong way to roll your sleeves. Or layer your necklaces? Lastly, she includes the links for where to purchase the items. Ta-da! For $14, you just got 100 times cooler. You are welcome.

See parts of Jackie’s personal style profile and her total results below:


Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 4.10.39 PM





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