LeFash – Financial District w/ Tan City Breeches

City+Breech+Financial+DistrictYa’ll know my favorite breeches are LeFash. They are so comfortable, stylish and fit me the best of any breeches. The waist sits a bit higher than other low-rise breeches, which is something I really appreciate after having two kiddos! And I am a total sucker for the gold detailing. I have no hesitation in wearing the breeches out in non-horsey public. All it takes is a change of my shoes, and usually my shirt because Chloe gets me so gross, and I am good to go. Stable to street.

I am keeping my eye on this color. I love it and I love how it looks with the tan patches! I think it will go with so many things and most importantly, look good against Chloe’s bay body :). At $268 it is a bit out of my price range since I solely ride for fun now, but for the serious equestrian or fashionista it is a great buy.

Want to learn more about this pair of breeches? Click HERE.


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