All the Unicorns: How to do a unicorn themed photoshoot.

Logan recently turned ONE and since she is a super easy, chill, sweet baby, we tease that she is a unicorn. So, it made total sense that she would have a unicorn themed birthday party. I wanted it to be low key, but as you can see from the pictures, it was low key for about 1.2 seconds. I blame coffee and Pinterest.

Invitations give guests a little taste of what you have in store for them, so for me they are always important. I knew I wanted to do a unicorn photoshoot and use the pictures for the invitations. Lucky for me, one of my good friends takes excellent pictures and has connections with the perfect photoshoot location where there are 3 miniature ponies… uhh, I mean, unicorns!

It’s really all about the set.  Luckily 80% of it I had already at home. My son has a cream and gold metallic teepee from Land of Nod in his room that I knew would be perfect. I also brought faux white fur rugs from Ikea and a faux fur throw from West Elm to put under and in front of the teepee.  I brought the dream catcher from Logan’s nursery, which I had made for her from Etsy before she was born. I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased all of the fake flowers you see in the picture. The pink/gold stand is also from West Elm and usually is in Logan’s nursery, beside her rocker. Logan’s flower headband and Sofie’s horn were made by BabyBirdieBoutique on Etsy.

We were so lucky that Sofie and her unicorn herd were such willing participants! Insider tip: throw some grain on the grass. Those fat little unicorns won’t be going anywhere!

Be sure to look for an upcoming post with pictures from the party!

Unicorn 1 (1)





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